No-Tie Shoelaces White


• No-Tie Shoelaces White
• Perfect for everyone!
• Fun, colourful & functional
• Easy to install
• Turn your shoes into slip-ons
• Stretchy, waterproof silicone allows for a flexible fit
• Adult pack includes 16 no-tie shoelaces
• Child pack includes 12 no-tie shoelaces
• Includes 30 Day Warranty
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide
• Includes FREE Shipping Worldwide


Our Casual and Business No-Tie Shoelaces are available in a wide variety of colours, including Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Multicolour, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White + Yellow, as well as Business Black and Business Brown.

✔ Easy to install

Turn your shoes into slip-ons with our No-Tie Shoelaces

✔ Easy NDIS Ordering

Need assistance? We’re here to help!

✔ Perfect for everyone

Especially kids, seniors + those with difficulties tying shoelaces

✔ Free worldwide shipping

Free Shipping Australia wide + worldwide

✔ Fun, colourful + functional

Our Notie Shoe Laces are stretchy, waterproof + comfortable

✔ No stressing over shoelaces

Order your No-Tie Shoelaces today!

Australian owned + operated

Free Worldwide Shipping

24/7 Friendly customer support

Peace of mind warranty

30 day 'Change of Mind' returns

Do you struggle with traditional shoelaces?

No-Tie Shoelaces are perfect for everyone, from kids to seniors, and especially designed for those who struggle with traditional laces, these innovative accessories offer a seamless blend of fun, functionality and convenience. Imagine a world where you never have to bend down to tie your shoes again. With No-Tie Shoelaces, that dream becomes a reality. Available in a vibrant array of hues, these laces not only serve a practical purpose but also add a playful touch to your footwear. Each pack of Adult No-Tie Shoelaces includes 16 laces, giving you plenty of options to customise your footwear collection. For the little ones, the Kids pack comes with 12 laces, making it perfect for their smaller shoes and playful preferences.

Why order your No-Tie Shoelaces?

Easy to install

Simply thread the No-Tie Shoelaces through your shoes’ eyelets like regular laces. In just minutes, you’ll transform your favourite pair of shoes into slip-ons, ready to slide on and off with ease

a comfortable fit

Crafted from stretchy, waterproof silicone, our notie laces provide a flexible and comfortable fit that moves with your foot, ensuring a snug yet gentle hold throughout the day

Greater Independence

Busy parent? Senior seeking greater independence? Difficulty tying shoelaces? Embrace the freedom of hassle-free No-Tie Shoelaces and step into a world of comfort and style today!